Basic BRiC Study

What you Get

  • Underlying Information Customer Reports

    Eighteen to twenty-five Underlying Information Customer Reports, with 5 or 6 questions/issues each.

  • Interim Reviews

    Learn information as we learn it and direct the study accordingly.

  • Overview

    A compilation of the reports. Graphs and charts.


How to Get Started with BRiC

Up front Education:

It is critical that key study users understand the BRiC Study Organization’s market study capabilities.  We require that any potential client review this web site carefully and review past study work prior to structuring a study. A good fit between the BRiC capabilities and the requested market information needs to be established before moving forward.

To Assure An Excitement Quality Study, the Following Study Structuring Requirements should be Met for Every Study

When a 70% likelihood exists that the BRiC Study Organization will produce a study, a study structuring discussion takes place to identify:

  • Products/services to be studied, customer base, marketing/sales methods, and related pertinent issues.
  • The Key Focus for the study.  Key Focus = What is the major opportunity or problem that is commanding a study?
  • Key study objectives/information needs, and the key aims for each major study information user.
  • Six to 10 key buying factors to determine buying factor importance and supplier performance ratings from the customer contacts.  Key competitor issues are also covered.
  • Critical dates.

Who is Involved in the Proposal Discussion:

The Senior Study Project Manager must interview at a meeting or by teleconference each key client study user — usually three or four client executives.  This must include the company CEO or Division General Manger, i.e., the top officer who will benefit from the study.

Proposal Delivery:

One week after the above discussions occur.

Proposal Revision:

The initial proposal is revised at least one time.