Customer Excitement Study Review

Technology BRiC

Key Focus

In what ways could the Client be more attractive to both customers and potential customers? What can it do to make itself a preferred vendor?

Information Objectives

  • How do existing customers view Clients performance? How could it improve?
  • What are the primary reasons that led existing customers to Client?
  • What are the primary reasons that developing customers are attracted to Client?
  • To what degree are prospective customers attracted to the Client’s product or other Client technology in general, and to the Client specifically?
  • How could Client improve to become more attractive to each type of customer (current, developing and prospective)?
  • Is there a noticeable difference of opinion about Client between R&D / technical departments and purchasing departments?
  • Are there any unmet needs among existing customers that the Client needs to address?
  • What are the expectations held by developing and prospective customers that might help Client strengthen its chances of future sales?
  • Do significant hurdles face the Client’s ongoing success? This could include competing technologies, dynamics of the relationships between OEM’s and suppliers, resistance to abandon other technologies, etc.
  • What are the greatest apparent opportunities? Do customers predict significant increases in their purchase volumes of the BRiC product? What types or processes seem likely to be most favored in the future?

Written and voice comments to Harlan Brown, Our Chief of Excitement Quality, from Client Executives during the quality review.

“[The study] provided an unbiased view on how we can improve to meet customers’ expectations. [The Brown Sr. Project Manager] made the difference. I’m not a believer in consultants as a rule; he really brought something to the table. We all collectively thought he did a wonderful job evaluating our customers, talking to them, getting to key issues for improving our business.”

“[Brown’s] strong suit is what the customer ‘said.’ How they really feel, rather than just a number rating.”

“During the [Study Results] presentation, you would hear, ‘Who said that? Wow!’ Surprised at times at what an individual customer, known to management, actually said.”

This Study Rating

(5 = the best it could be. 1 = horrible)

Information Quality