Client Quotes – Aerospace

Obtained by Harlan Brown, Chief Quality Officer

Client: NASA, Aerospace Exploration and Science and Technology Senior PM: Jerry Pawlikowski

“Jerry educated the NASA people about what their business really is; very important! The first follow-up study maybe even more important than the first study, due to the perceptions captured of how we have followed up on what we learned in the base line study.” “The study was so good and thorough throughout, I cannot think of anything you could have done better.”

“The study and presentation provided insight and data to support decisions across the agency.”
“Jerry called me out of the blue for a study he was doing for one of his clients. I planned to give 20 minutes. After 1.5 hours, we were still talking. Really impressed with how Jerry handled the interview. I was intrigued on the possibility of using Jerry for a study for NASA. Jerry has a real knack for drawing out what is going on and what is perceived. “And I did use him for a study, to interview by Telephone Participation 43 NASA sources and 8 non-NASA sources. We also collaborated on a speech at an AIAA meeting in Toronto presenting study results. Even though your highest rating is a 5, I would give Jerry a 6 on Information—what I couldn’t get on my own; and on his professionalism.”
Client: GEA, Manufacturer of Heat Exchangers Senior PM: Lance Bowden

“Liked best that it is ‘real’ information from actual customers and potential competitors – based on true market data in real time. Some perceptions helped us look at some options in a different light. New perspectives!”

“Liked best the very timely reactions to our questions and new tasks we gave during the market research process. Valuable first-hand information on a market that’s very remote for us in Germany and has not been touched for years.” Michael Muench, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Germany
Client: ATK, Aerospace and Defense Company Senior PM: Jerry Pawlikowski

“Liked most your ability to get contacts talking, opening-up, and sharing fairly sensitive data and perspective.”

“Liked most your ability to draw out real perceptions of us and our competition, and provide marketing guidance to further capture market share.
“I visited four customers that were interviewed by Jerry and focused my pitch towards the study issues.  I actually lined these up as soon as the BRiC interim results started coming in.  Customers were very pleased that ATK was taking action on what they told you.”Gary Kawahara, VP & GM, ATK Propulsion Products
“Liked best the candor of the responses you got in your interviews. They were open, honest and real, raw.”Dave Shanahan, VP & GM, ATK Space Structures and Components
“Finally getting honest feedback from our customers. We got the real story.”Dave Howell, Operations Manager