Harlan J. Brown


Master of Metallurgical Engineering from Colorado Mines and MBA from George Washington U.

Trained by Dr. W. Edwards Deming, a little, and by Deming consultants a lot, in constant process improvement.

Press Coverage:

  • A feature story in Dun’s Review in 1970. Reported there as, “Serious, methodical … is among a small group … well-regarded for his thoroughness and professionalism.”
  • Mentions in Forbes and Nations’ Business.
  • Stories in the business pages of dozens of major city newspapers.
  • Coverage in two business books, one a NY Times bestseller.
  • Co-authored the book Financing for Growth, Internal Expansion and Merger Techniques, published by the American Management Association. One chapter was on tax and accounting rules for acquisitions in layman terms.
  • Chief Executive Magazine and Planning Review published his BRiC Theory articles – the Business Rivals & Customers Cluster as the basic competitive unit in free enterprise.

Personal Message from Harlan:

I’ve been an entrepreneur for forty years and aim for another twenty. Unlike the typical entrepreneur who builds one business over many years, and then sells it to retire and enjoy golf and travel, I’m more the fanatical inventor forever seeking new challenges for Telephone Participation.

Something like the full moon takes a hold of me at the beginning of each decade, manifesting in a “not done before” challenge for Telephone Participation as our new mission. Will the formula really work for this? That keeps me excited.

Whatever the decade, our clients will get from me a dedication to see to it that we produce ‘excitement’ quality studies. I seem not able to be calm with mere satisfaction client ratings.

Harlan J. Brown