Client Quotes

Obtained by Harlan Brown, Chief Quality Officer

Client: Kaydon Corporation Manufacturer of Precision Products

“Study was expedited with a great finished product. Good price/value quotient.”

Tim Carpenter, Former VP & GM

“Your value is twofold.

  1. Providing a non-threatening avenue for our customers and potential customers to share their thoughts and concerns.
  2. Understanding implications, probing deeper, and consolidating data and trends into a tool that can be used to take the next steps.”

Tim Bell, VP Sales & Marketing


Long-time client, Manufacturer

“The information has integrity. It verified a lot of our thinking and perceptions, but also gave us new insights to our market and our business. As we experienced in the past, your Sr. Project Manager is a pleasure to work with; he has a knack for getting the interviewee to open up and talk about the subject at hand. Lance does a great job in both written and ‘in person’ presentations.”

VP Sales & Marketing

“You confirm the true value as perceived by our customer rather than what we perceive to be of value to our customer. Your work also confirms our areas of perceived weakness from the customer perspective.”

National Sales Manager


Client: Braskem America, Formerly Sunoco Chemicals

“Your Sr. Project Manager gets perceptions. Other types of studies that Braskem does get numbers. As we become more digital and automatic, the personal side with customers is increasingly important. You develop the relationship with customers, and give guidance on how we can do better.”

Ricardo Levy, Sales Manager

“Liked best learning why customers choose Braskem vs. competitors. Both the written presentation and the three-hour study results presentation at our offices were fabulous. This was a new type of study for us, and the way you do it is great.”

Stephen Justin, Account Manager


Client: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA

“Jerry (Gerald Pawlikowski of Harlan Brown & Company) contacted me for a study he was doing. I planned to give him 20 minutes. However, we were still talking after 1.5 hours. I was really impressed with how Jerry handled the interview. He has a real knack for drawing out what is going on and what is perceived. I was intrigued on the possibility of using Jerry for a study for NASA, which I ended up doing.”

Neil Dennehy, NASA Technical Fellow for Guidance, Navigation and Control


Client: Orbital ATK

“Liked best the candor of the responses you got in your interviews. They were open, honest and real, raw.”

Dave Shanahan, Vice President and G.M. Orbital ATK Space Components Division

“Everybody here is constantly amazed at Jerry’s ability to enter into substantive discussions with our customers even though he’s not there in person, and not in the industry. He gets the high level executive on the telephone for lengthy talks. How does he do it? We wonder. It’s a bit of a mystery. However he does it, he reaches a group of not very talkative and very specialized individuals in our business. He broke the ice for us with some of our customers. Problem customers. Our toughest customers have really turned around and have become strong customers.”

David Thompson, President and CEO, Orbital ATK