Lance Bowden

Senior Project Manager

Contact Lance directly at 703-830-6530 or by E-MAIL


Responsible for client account management, study production, and results presentations.

Lance helped initiate Brown’s re-engineering that provides Clients a single point of contact throughout the study process (which significantly increased the quality output).

Joined Harlan Brown in October, 1981.

Experience with Harlan Brown & Company:

  • 1994 to present, has focused on producing customer-focused studies for customer loyalty, new market, and current market analysis.
  • 1991 to 1994 focused primarily on sales and marketing as Account Executive and management of production teams.
  • 1981 to 1990 developed and managed a BRiC Study division involved in study production, sales, marketing, recruiting, training, and product development.
  • Education: University of Virginia, B.A. Economics & B.A. Psychology

Personal message from Lance:

It might seem like someone would burn out after more than 30 years of doing “the same thing”, but I’m fascinated by understanding the decisions a Client is trying to make and then getting the research contacts (interview subjects) to open up and speak their minds. I personally get a charge out of learning about products, technologies, or markets that most people do not even know exist. It’s never “the same thing”, and running a study program never gets boring.

Besides our specialized methodology and proven high quality, it’s important to know that we view our studies as more than research projects. I can tell I’ve reached the right stage of immersion in a study when I find myself thinking about the project or getting a flash of insight while I’m walking my dog, driving in the car, or cutting the grass.

Whatever the purpose of a study, the bottom line is that I want the Client to look like a genius. This could result from taking action on the basis of new insight that’s been developed; other times it could be avoiding a situation that saves your neck.

Sometimes the only way to really know if you need a BRiC Study is to call us, and we can figure it out together. If you feel like you could use a fresh perspective to bring a market into focus, a “sanity check” to confirm or refute your assumptions, or if internal debates are preventing you from moving ahead, then it’s probably worth the time to give me a call.

CONTACT LANCE DIRECTLY at 703-830-6530 or by E-MAIL