Jerry Pawlikowski

Senior Project Manager

Contact Jerry directly at 610-678-6200 or by  E-MAIL


Responsible for client account management, study report production, and analysis, charting, and other overview summary work. Also stages a post-study results presentation with every project.

Joined Harlan Brown & Company in 1978.

Experience with Harlan Brown & Company:

  • 1978 to 1990 developed and managed a BRiC Study production division. Was involved with study production, sales, marketing, recruiting, training, and product development.
  • 1991 to 1994 focused on sales and marketing as an account executive and was also involved with managing production managers.
  • 1994 to present has focused on producing customer-focused studies for customer excitement, new market entry analysis, and acquisition analysis.
  • Education: University of Delaware, B.S. Plant Science
“Liked most your ability to draw out real perceptions of us and our competition, and provide marketing guidance to further capture market share.

“I visited four customers that were interviewed by Jerry and focused my pitch towards the study issues. I actually lined these up as soon as the BRiC interim results started coming in. Customers were very pleased that ATK was taking action on what they told you.” Gary Kawahara, VP & GM, ATK Propulsion Products

Personal message from Jerry:

After I tell someone what I do the next question is usually – “Why do you do this, especially doing it for over 35 years?

I love the daily challenge of being able to reach and engage my clients’ key customers.

I greatly enjoy working with my clients to allow them to “look themselves in the mirror” and better understand what’s going on in the minds of customers.

I also love applying my communication skills in conducting all the phone interviews for my studies, documenting (typing up) their responses, and performing the analysis to summarizing study results.

Ultimately, I fulfill one of the most important study deliverables – a face-to-face post-study results presentation to ensure that our study has maximum value, credibility and use in their organization.  I communicate study results, conclusions and recommendations to a group of key client executives.

This is only a partial answer to that earlier question, but please phone me at 610-678-6200 to learn more.  Also phone me to learn about how we can help your organization through conducting an independent assessment of customer perception.

CONTACT JERRY DIRECTLY at 610-678-6200 or by E-MAIL