BRiC Products

Every study is structured to specifically meet a given Client’s objectives, but the most common applications include:

Customer Perception
Voice of the Customer feedback to better align you with the needs and expectations of your current, shared or prospective accounts.

New Market Analysis
Understand the dynamics and barriers of entry to an adjacent or totally new market.  Assess Customer needs, receptivity to a new supplier, and how to overcome barriers.

Acquisition Analysis
Selecting, evaluating or integrating an acquisition.  How is it positioned in its specific market, what problems may exist, what do its Customers value most?

What is the Next Step?  Give us a call.

Every study begins as a conversation with one of our Project Managers to review our process and discuss your situation.  We want you to become confident with our approach and to help us identify the Key Focus for your study.  The Key Focus includes:

  • Strategic Aim:  What you are trying to accomplish.  This becomes a mission statement for the study, guiding the structure, information sources, and scope of the project.
  • Information Objectives:  What perspectives and feedback will help you the most?  We help you decide what would be “nice to know”, “need to know”, or “most actionable” in accomplishing your goal.

Follow-up dicussions often include a conference call or visit with key members of your team.  Then we will submit a proposal that outlines the objectives, research steps, deliverables, and cost of the project.  The proposal is usually revised several times so both sides know exactly what is involved and what to expect.