Our research is conducted primarily over the telephone, but Harlan Brown & Company is not a telemarketer or “survey” firm.  We do not simply rattle off questions and record responses.

Brown’s specialization is its ability to reach and engage high-level executives through in-depth 30-60+ minute interviews.

An important goal with every study interview is to gather Underlying Information.  This includes information or insight that may not have been targeted at the start of a study, which our Clients describe as “zingers”, “red flags”, and “tidbits” that help them understand what is really going on in a market.

Our research technique involves conversational interviews that generate quantitative data (e.g., 1-5 ratings of our client’s performance) and qualitative information (e.g., underlying information and in-depth comment).

The study is an independent, third party assessment because Brown clients do not provide any input regarding their opinions or estimates regarding any study information.  Brown relies on its clients to identify who to contact and to decide what to ask them.

We rely on “patient persistence” to reach contacts and then use our specialized interviewing technique to engage them. This typically results in a 50-70% success rate for interviewing targeted customer contacts.

Brown provides summaries of all results, but our experience and insight will also provide guidance of “what to do”.

Harlan Brown performs a quality control role through contacting all key client executives after a study is completed to assess study quality, delivery, and the total experience in working with Brown.